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Flags |  Feather Flags

Feather Flags

We design and manufacture our 15 ft. Swooper Flags from a knitted polyester material that flutters in the wind with the slightest breeze. Swooper flags are commonly known as bow flags, feather flags, etc. We offer 27 stock designs at extremely low factory-direct prices. Our Swooper flags offer a tremendous amount of advertising exposure at extremely low prices. Since we are the manufacturer, we are also able to offer wholesale prices to distributors.

In addition to swooper flags, we also carry our 16 1/2 ft feather flags which are a distinctly different than any other flag of its type. Extending 16 1/2 feet in the air, each hand crafted feather flag is fully applique sewn from the finest dupont SolarMax nylon with UV inhibitors in our factory in Florida. Everything is included for a quick and easy setup including 12 foot vinyl streamers, telescoping pole, fiberglass ground stake, the grounder, and 4' carry bag with shoulder strap.

Our deluxe 11 ft feather flags are available in 14 striking colors, with 12 different messages, and with 2 different patriotic designs. These feather flags include an 11ft fiberglass pole, carrying case, rotating ground spike, and your choice of feather flag.

Swooper Flags

$19.95 ea.
Auto Repair

$19.95 ea.
Best Buys Here

$19.95 ea.
Buy Here Pay Here

$19.95 ea.
Car Wash

$19.95 ea.
Certified Pre-Owned

$19.95 ea.
Checkered Black/White

$19.95 ea.
Easy Finance

$19.95 ea.
Hot Buys

$19.95 ea.

$19.95 ea.
Managers Special

$19.95 ea.
No Credit OK

$19.95 ea.
Oil Change

$19.95 ea.

$19.95 ea.
Sale Blue

$19.95 ea.
Sale Red

$19.95 ea.
Se Habla Espaņol

$19.95 ea.
Star Spangled Banner

$19.95 ea.
State Inspection Here

$19.95 ea.
Stop Save Here

$19.95 ea.
Tire Sale

$19.95 ea.

$19.95 ea.

$19.95 ea.
Used Cars Red/Blue

$19.95 ea.
Used Cars Red

$19.95 ea.
We Buy Cars

$19.95 ea.
We Finance

$19.95 ea.


$30.00 ea.
4-Piece Poles

$20.00 ea.
Tire Base

$20.00 ea.
Ground Spike

16 Ft. & 11 Ft. Feather Flags

American Feather Flags American Feather Flags
Show your patriotism with our American feather flags. These look great at homes or businesses.
Message Feather Flags Message Feather Flags
Our message feather flags are a great attention getter for all types of businesses.
Colorful Feather Flags Colorful Feather Flags
Our colorful feather flags are available in over 25 color combination and are sure to get attention.
Wildlife Feather Flags Wildlife Feather Flags
Lions, tigers, bears, and more are represented on our colorful wildlife feather flags.
Military Feather Flags Military Feather Flags
Support our nations military by displaying these patriotic feather flags.
Decorative Feather Flags Decorative Feather Flags
Decorative feather flags are a unique accent for homes and businesses.
Religious Feather Flags Religious Feather Flags
Feather flags are a perfect way to express your faith.
International Feather Flags International Feather Flags
Canada, Mexico, Greece, Puerto Rico, & British feather flags are available to ship immediately.
Custom Feather Flags Custom Feather Flags
We offer our custom feather flags in 4 sizes with either a full color imprint or applique.

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